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Gretels Warnung (1809) Op. 75 no.4

Gretels Warnung

Mit Liebesblick und Spiel und Sang
Warb Christel jung und schön;
So lieblich war, so frisch und schlank
Kein Jüngling rings zu seh’n.
Nein, keiner war
In ihrer Schaar,
Für den ich das gefühlt!
Das merkt er, ach!
Und ließ nicht nach,
Bis er es all erhielt!
Wohl war im Dorfe mancher Mann,
So jung und schön wie er;
Doch sah’n nur ihn die Mädchen an
Und kos’ten um ihn her.
Bald riß ihr Wort
Ihn schmeichelnd fort,
Gewonnen war sein Herz.
Mir ward er kalt,
Dann floh er bald
Und ließ mich hier im Schmerz.
Sein Liebesblick und Spiel und Sang,
So süß und wonniglich,
Sein Kuß, der tief zur Seele drang,
Erfreut nicht fürder mich.
Schaut meinen Fall,
Ihr Schwestern all’,
Für die der Folsche glüht,
Und trauet nicht dem, was er spricht.
O seht mich Arme an, und flieht!

Gretel’s warning

With loving looks, music and song,
Young handsome Christel went a-wooing.
No other youth for miles around
Was so charming, fresh and slim.
No, there was no one else
In their group
For whom I felt the same.
He noticed this, alas,
And did not relent
Until he had it all.
Many a man in the village
Was as young and handsome as he,
But the girls had eyes for him alone
And flirted to win him.
Soon their flattering words
Had torn him from me;
His heart had been conquered
And he grew cold towards me.
Soon he fled
And left me here with my grief.
His loving looks, his music and song,
So sweet and so rapturous,
His kiss, which pierced deep into my soul,
No longer bring me joy.
Behold my downfall,
Sisters one and all,
For whom that false man burns,
And do not trust what he says.
Oh, look at wretched me, and flee.

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Ludwig van Beethoven (baptised 17 December 1770 – 26 March 1827) was a German composer and pianist. A crucial figure in the transition between the classical and romantic eras in classical music, he remains one of the most recognized and influential musicians of this period, and is considered to be one of the greatest composers of all time.

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