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Ja pokinul rodimyj dom, 'I have bid farewell to my native home' (1987)

Part of a series or song cycle:

Otchalivshaya Rus', 'Russia Cast Adrift'

Ja pokinul rodimyj dom, 'I have bid farewell to my native home'

Ja pokinul rodimyj dom,
Golubuju ostavil Rus'.
V tri zvezdy bereznjak nad prudom
Teplit materi staroj grust'.
Zolotoju ljagushkoj luna
Rasplastalas' na tikhoj vode.
Slovno jablonnyj cvet, sedina
U ottsa prolilas' v borode.
Ja ne skoro, ne skoro vernus'!
Dolgo pet' i zvenet' purge.
Sterezhjot golubuju Rus'
Staryj kljon na odnoj noge.
I ja znaju, yest' radost' v njom
Tem, kto list'ev tseluet dozhd',
Ottogo, chto tot staryj kljon
Golovoj na menja pokhozh.

I have bid farewell to my native home

I have bid farewell to my native home,
I have left the blue skies of Russia far behind.
The three stars of the birch grove by the pond
Warm my old mother’s grief.
Like a golden frog, the moon
Spreads itself out on the silent water.
Like apple blossom, flecks of grey
Spill into my father’s beard.
I will not return soon!
Long will the storm sing and ring.
The old maple will watch over pale blue Russia,
The maple with its one leg.
And I know that the maple brings joy
To those who kiss the rain of its leaves,
Because the head of that old maple
Resembles my own.

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Georgy Vasilyevich Sviridov was a Russian neoromantic composer, active in the Soviet era. 

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Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin was a Russian lyric poet. He is one of the most popular and well-known Russian poets of the 20th century.

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