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Moi stikhi, 'To my verses' (1973) Op. 143

Part of a series or song cycle:

Shest' stikhotvorenii Marini Cvetajevoj, 'Six Poems by Marina Tsvetaeva' (Op. 143)

Moi stikhi, 'To my verses'

Moim stikham, napisannym tak rano,
Chto i ne znala ya, chto ya – poet,
Sorvavshimsya, kak bryzgi iz fontana,
Kak iskry iz raket,
Vorvavshimsya, kak malen’kie cherty,
V svyatilishche, gde son i fimiam,
Moim stikham o yunosti i smerti,
– Nechitannym stikham! –
Razbrosannym v pyli po magazinam
(Gde ikh nikto ne bral i ne beryot!),
Moim stikham, kak dragotsennym vinam,
Nastanet svoi cheryod!

To my verses

My verses, which were written so early on,
That I didn’t even know I was a poet,
Darting, like water splashing from a fountain,
Like sparks from rockets,
Bursting, like little devils,
Into the sanctuary where peace and incense reign,
My verses about youthfulness and death,
– Verses never read! –
Scattered in the dust of bookshops
(Where no one has ever bought them, and never will!),
My verses, like precious wines –
Their time will come!

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Dmitri Shostakovich was a Russian composer and pianist. He achieved fame in the Soviet Union, although later developed a more complex and difficult relationship with the government. As a composer, he combined a variety of different musical techniques into his works, and his music is characterised by sharp contrast, grotesque elements, and ambivalent tonality. 


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