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Son, 'Dream' (1956) Op. 100

Part of a series or song cycle:

Ispanskije Pesni, 'Spanish Songs' (Op. 100)

Son, 'Dream'

Ne znaju, chto eto znachit...
Son chudesnyj prisnilsja mne,
Kak budto v lodke rybach'ej
Ja plyvu po burnoj volne
Chjoln bez vjosel, ja ikh brosil...
Volny penjatsja, zljatsja i topjat moj chjoln,
No otvazhno mchus' ja sredi tjomnykh,
Sred' ogromnykh voln,
Ottogo, chto v rybachej etoj lodke
Po morskoj nepokornoj glubi
Mchish'sja ty, moja gordaja,
mchishsja vmeste so mnoj
I menja ty budto tozhe ljubish'!
O moja golubka! Posmotri zhe,
Kak nesjotsja v svojej lodochke krupkoj po morju
Bednyj paren', chto tak krepko ljubit tebja!


I don’t know what this might mean…
I dreamt a wondrous dream,
I seemed to be in a fishing boat,
Sailing across the stormy sea.
A boat without oars, for I cast them away…
The waves seethed furiously, flooding my boat,
But, undaunted, I push on
Through the dark, vast waves,
Because in this fishing boat,
Across the sea’s unruly depths,
You speed on too, my proud girl,
Speeding on together with me,
And it seemed that you loved me too!
Ah my darling! Just look
At the fragile little boat on the sea,
Bearing the poor boy who loves you so much!

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Dmitri Shostakovich was a Russian composer and pianist. He achieved fame in the Soviet Union, although later developed a more complex and difficult relationship with the government. As a composer, he combined a variety of different musical techniques into his works, and his music is characterised by sharp contrast, grotesque elements, and ambivalent tonality. 


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