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Ici‑bas tous les lilas meurent (1887)

Ici‑bas tous les lilas meurent

Ici-bas tous les lilas meurent,
Tous les chants des oiseaux sont courts,
Je rêve aux étés qui demeurent
Ici-bas les lèvres effleurent
Sans rien laisser de leur velours,
Je rêve aux baisers qui demeurent
Ici-bas, tous les hommes pleurent
Leurs amitiés ou leurs amours;
Je rêve aux couples qui demeurent

In this world all the lilies die

In this world all the lilies die,
All the songs of birds are short;
I dream of the summers that abide
In this world lips brush but lightly,
And nothing of their velvet remains;
I dream of the kisses that abide
In this world every man is mourning
His friendships or his loves;
I dream of the couples who abide

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Pauline Viardot was a leading nineteenth-century French mezzo-soprano, pedagogue, and composer of Spanish descent.

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René François Armand (Sully) Prudhomme was a French poet and essayist, and was the first ever winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, in 1901.

Born in Paris, Prudhomme originally studied to be an engineer, but turned to philosophy and later to poetry; he declared it as his intent to create scientific poetry for modern times. In character sincere and melancholic, he was linked to the Parnassus school, although, at the same time, his work displays characteristics of its own.

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