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Pioner, 'Peonies'

Pioner, 'Peonies'

Det doftar mull,
och parkens blomster
blunda i salighet
då regnets droppar flöda.
Men liksom trötta synder,
tunga, dystra,
osläckligt flammande pioner glöda.
Och medan än som brustna
purpurtoner i svarta mullen
lösa blomblad dala,
ensamt och gällt
som eviga passioner
pionerna i aftondimma tala.


A scent of earth,
And all the flowers in the park
Shut their eyes in bliss
When raindrops flooded fall.
But like tired sins,
Heavy, laden,
Unquenchably brightly blazing peonies flame.
And while yet like broken
Purple notes in black soil
Single petals tumble,
Lonely and loudly
Like eternal passions
The peonies in the evening fog declaim.

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Hugo Emil Alfvén was a Swedish composer, conductor, violinist, and painter. Among his works are a large number of pieces for male voice choir, five symphonies and three orchestral "Swedish Rhapsodies." The first of these rhapsodies, Midsommarvaka is his best known piece.

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