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Aime‑moi (1848)


Tu commandes qu'on t'oublie,
J'ai grand peine à t'obéir;
Mais ainsi le veut ma mie,
Son désir est mon désir.
Vraiment, mon désir,
Lorsque joyeux je m'élance,
Tu rougis et veux me fuir;
Mon amour est une offense,
Pourquoi donc t'en souvenir?
Mais quoi! des pleurs, ma belle;
Ecoute, apaise-toi;
Plus de folle querelle,
Je t'adore, aime-moi.
Mais quoi! tu pleures ma belle
Sois clémente, apaise-toi,
Plus d'inutile querelle,
Je t'adore; sois à moi!

Love me

You order me to forget you,
I have great trouble in obeying you;
But that is what my darling desires,
Her wish is my wish.
Truly my wish,
When joyously I throw myself on you,
And you redden and wish to flee me;
My love offends you,
Why, then, remind yourself of it?
But what is this? Tears, my love?
Listen, calm yourself;
No more insane quarrelling,
I adore you, love me.
But what is this? You are crying, my love;
Be merciful, calm yourself,
No more useless quarrelling,
I adore you; be mine!

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Pauline Viardot was a leading nineteenth-century French mezzo-soprano, pedagogue, and composer of Spanish descent.

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