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Klagend weint es in den Zweigen,
Grelle Blätter, windgewiegt,
Jäh von tollem Sturm besiegt,
Tanzen müd im Todesreigen.
Und die Wünsche, die aus herben
Wurzeln an das Licht geblüht,
Sinken klagend, sinken müd
In das große, große Sterben.

Signs of autumn

The boughs lament and weep,
Garish, wind-tossed leaves
Suddenly conquered by a raging storm,
Wearily perform the dance of death.
And those desires that blossomed
From bitter roots towards the light,
Sink and lament, sink wearily
Into the great great expiring.

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Alexander Zemlinsky or Alexander von Zemlinsky was an Austrian composer, conductor, and teacher.

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