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Amor y Perfídia (1918) W135

Amor y Perfídia

No me digas más gitana,
que gitana no soy, ...
si gitanilla yo fuera,
pobre de ti, y de los dos.
Te diría que la engañas
que la finges un amor ...
que estás de tener tan lejos
como la tierra del sol.
El día que tu te cases,
ella entrará en la prisión ...
que el que sin amor se casa ...
es infame, y es traidor.

Love and treachery

Do not tell me I am a gypsy,
for I am not a gipsy…
but, if I were a gipsy,
then pity on you, and on us both.
I would tell you that you are deceiving her,
that your love for her is false,
and that you are so away from love itself,
like the earth from the sun.
The day you get married,
she will enter into a prison
because those who marry without love
are infamous and are traitors.

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Heitor Villa-Lobos was a Brazilian composer, conductor, cellist, pianist, and guitarist.

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