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O kühler Wald (1877) Op.72 no.3

O kühler Wald

O kühler Wald,
Wo rauschest du,
In dem mein Liebchen geht?
O Widerhall,
Wo lauschest du,
Der gern mein Lied versteht?
Im Herzen tief,
Da rauscht der Wald,
In dem mein Liebchen geht,
In Schmerzen schlief
Der Widerhall,
Die Lieder sind verweht.

O cool forest

O cool forest,
In which my beloved walks,
Where are you murmuring?
O echo,
Where are you listening,
Who love to understand my song?
Deep in the heart
Is where the forest murmurs,
In which my beloved walks,
The echo
Fell asleep in sorrow,
The songs have blown away.
Translations by Richard Stokes, author of The Book of Lieder (Faber, 2005)

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